Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I Need This vs I Want This

Do I need it or do I just want it?

Along with working at a State Agency I also sell items on eBay. I was thrift shopping for some inventory when I came across this brand new (with original price tag and
those salt packet things they tell you to throw away) Victoria’s Secret Pink cooler with keychain. First of all, my favorite color is blue so I was hooked and second, I love buying brand new items at dirt cheap prices. The original tag had the cooler priced at $29.95 but it would only cost me about $0.25 (the thrift store prices everything by weight). $0.25 cents isn’t a lot at all but this is the major source of my clutter problem – I can find cute things for so cheap that I don’t care that I might not ever use it and that it’ll be taking up space, I’m only buying it for change, it’s brand new and that money won’t be missed so no biggie right? Actually wrong Nikki dear, lots of tiny purchases add up fast and create unnecessary clutter. For times like these I ask myself:

Do I NEED it or do I WANT it?

A needed item will be purchased at the best quality possible (meaning at the best quality that I can afford) so I won’t have to be replacing it anytime soon and a wanted item will be purchased if it will actually be used or enjoyed . . . immediately.

But back to my awesome cooler find. It’s January – why would I need a cooler? Actually, the cooler is small enough to double as my lunchbox for work. My current lunch box is pink and black (I hate pink) and was given to me by a relative that no longer needed it (frugality in motion). So the purpose for the cooler is defined, it’ll replace my lunchbox that really didn’t do much outside of storing my food. An added benefit is that the cooler has a shoulder strap (my current lunchbox is a handheld) which will free up my hands to hold other stuff (like an umbrella to fight off Florida’s ever present rain – it’s raining now as I type). And the icing on the cake is that the cooler is my favorite color and makes bringing lunch to work a little more fun. Not “Oh my gawd – packing lunch in this cooler is just the best!” type fun but the color and cuteness does liven things up a bit.   
I don’t go through this with all my purchases, just those that need some convincing as to why I should or should not purchase the item if it’s not an intended purchase that will be of value. It helps me steer away from those “I’ve got a dollar in my pocket – what can I buy?” purchases and those golden thrift store finds that will only take up space in my home. There’s only a few items I’ve used this tactic on but it seems to have worked because the items I wanted but decided not to purchase, after a day or two the desire to have them is no longer there (or I just don’t remember what they were).

Make sure to smile today,


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